What do we offer?

And how much we (roughly) charge

  • Complete system reinstallation

    Whenever your system is running slow, your harddrive light is constantly on, it takes minutes to open your favourite program or your computer crashes without a reason, switches itself off or just restarts - it could mean that your Windows installtion is broken or not installed properly. This could be easily resolved by reinstalling the operating system on your computer to its original state removing the problem that you have experienced in the first place. Don't worry though - we will always back up your data beforehand.

  • Home network configuration

    Have you ever noticed that your network is running slow? Or, that when you switch off your computer your wireless router is still blinking just as if someone else was still using it? Perhaps you have noticed that when you click on your "Network neighbourhood" icon there are some other computers instead of only your own? Maybe your emails are being read by someone else right before you click to read them? Or maybe your Messenger does not work or your downloads report that some "are closed"? Or perhaps your company VPN access says "Access Denied"? All of the above could be caused by your network not being properly configured. We can fix all of that for you and it will never be more than...

  • Business network administration

    If you run a business and you don't need a full time IT Officer, we can implement the right IT policies for your business and maintain it remotely. Things like constant server restarts, missing emails, your website down and all sorts of other problems can lead to your Customers going somewhere else. We can manage your network so we can tell you that there "was" a problem rather than you telling your Clients that there still "is" one... Please call us to schedule a meeting where we can discuss the details.
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  • Malware and virus removal

    Whenever your computer becomes really slow or when you do get a lot of strange windows popping up telling you that you have won or perhaps that you need this or that software - it might indicate that you have some sort of malware on your computer. These nasty little things get on your computer when you "just click here or there" on the web. Although most of them will be stopped by your antivirus software, sometimes it might just not be enough. This is where we step in. We can remove any virus, malware, trojan, spyware or rootkit from your computer for not more than...

  • Data recovery

    How many times did that happen to you? You have just deleted a file and then automatically "Emptied the trashcan" just to realize that it was the wrong file! It's your monthly report that you have been working on for months. Or perhaps you had a very nasty virus that erased some or all of your data? If any of the above happened to you - stop right there. Power off you computer immediately and bring it to us. We cannot promise you 100% recovery but we will try our best to recover what's most important to you. It takes a while but we know it is worth it to you, so do not hesitate your data are precious.
    Up to 20GB data recovery: £80
    Above 20GB data recovery: £100

  • Computer assembly

    You have probably always dreamt of a computer that would be built to your specification. You have visited all major manufacturers only to find out that it will cost you your arm and leg and yet you would have to compromise on hard drive capacity, the graphics card, screen size or the memory. Well, we have been having the same issue for the last 15 years so we know how to get what you want without paying the retail prices. You can either order the parts yourself or tell us what you want and we will built your own personal computer to your specs, install only the software you want and all that for just...

  • Hardware or software upgrades

    Whether you need a new hard drive, new graphics card, Blue Ray player or a new Office suit install - we will provide you with a professional advice, get the right component or upgrade and install the lot in your computer without you getting your hands dirty. This usually simple and easy process takes forever for unexpierenced users and you may not believe it but most of the users manage to break more components while upgrading than they originally planned to have installed in the first place. So why risk it? Just call us and have it dealt with by professionals.

  • Web development.

    With over 15 years of experience in web development we can offer you a bespoke solution for your business for a fraction of the contractor's salary and still meet your deadline.
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  • And much more...

    With over 15 years of experience in IT, working for both big and small companies we can offer you IT support tailored especially to your needs. Don't hesitate, email does not cost a penny these days and you could have your problems sorted sooner than you think. We can do pretty much everything - from installing your internet wireless router to installing and administrating your server. Email us now to get a quote on your specific IT needs.
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